Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quick lil' 8x10 FHE planner

I used an LDS Blog Train kit called FHE to whip up a family FHE planner.  It's an 8"x10" print, and if you laminate it you can use dry erase markers to write it who's doing what, and put it on the fridge (or wherever your family puts these things).

Here's another one--this is the one Paul and I use.  It's a square, so you'll have to print it off somewhere that does that.  :)  I laminated it and cut out circles of coordinating colors to put our names on.  Then I put velcro on the backs of those circles and on the chart so we can easily move them around but they're still pretty sturdy.  :)  Enjoy!

Thanks especially to the contributers of the blog train for the kits!  As always, these are for personal, incidental church or home use.  :)

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