Tuesday, April 10, 2012

FHE lessons

You'll notice I'm trying to get through the next few weeks in a few days' time.  Please be patient with me and know I'm not rushing any of it--I'm still taking *many* hours to pour over the Conference talks, primary manuals, websites like Mormonshare.com and sugardoodle.net, LDS blogs, my own mind, and more so I can find the *best* resources for all of you while still giving you choices for your family, whatever it looks like!

I'm just really hoping to get ahead a little so if I have a crazy week at work, or continue to be sick, or want to make something more than just a printable handout (like a game), I'll have time to do it and not be rushed.  So thanks for reading along with me, and I hope you can find what you need when you need it.  I'm really enjoying this new aspect to my gospel study time, and it's making me crave it in the moments I'm *not* able to be at the computer.  :)  Even though I DO hope someone else finds all of this useful, I love that I'm really doing it to inspire MYSELF to make Conference "the walk and talk of the next six months" and to have regular, gospel-centered Family Home Evenings for our own little family again.  :)

EDIT 4/20: I figured out how to schedule a posting instead of having it published right away...so I will have them publish themselves the Tuesday before (giving you a whole week to prepare for a Monday night FHE :).

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