Sunday, August 4, 2013

FHE for kids: Kirtland Temple

Paul taught a lesson in primary that I really liked. The topic was building the Kirtland Temple, with an emphasis on the Lord's hand in it all. So he brought our wooden blocks in and had each of them take only 5 bricks. Then they went around and each got to place one brick into a "building," however they wanted it.

This is what they came up with:

Then he said, "Y'know what? I actually want it to look like this:" and then he drew a simpler building on the board. He had them try again.

Then they discussed how The Lord showed Joseph Smith and his first presidency exactly how to build the Kirtland Temple and the sacrifices the Saints had to make to build it. Many of the fathers were serving missions at the time so pretty much everyone had to work ALL the time. And of course just the broken china and the fact that many people were poor and didn't understand how much the temple mattered yet so they didn't build it and got chastised a bit (see D&C 95). There were also people that wanted to save money by doing things differently, but the Prophet and his counselors were very firm and exact in following the blueprint of The Lord.

I thought it was a nice object lesson that even toddlers could understand a bit. :)

I know I've been neglecting this blog for a bit, and I won't promise it'll change...but I'll try to pass on cool little things like that at least when I can. :)

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